George St. Pierre is regarded by many as the best pound per pound mixed martial arts fighter in the world. His stamina and his talent are due in large part to his rigorous workout routine.

George St. Pierre’s (GSP) workout is a full body workout that involves weight training, cardio, Olympic lifting and plyometrics. This is GSP’s beginner workout designed to burn fat and get you ripped. If you’re a true hardgainer that’s just starting out, there is too much cardio in this program for you. However, if you are cutting weight or doing MMA training, this is a great 4-day workout program.

In this George St. Pierre MMA workout video, GSP’s trainer and strength, Jon Chaimberg, goes over some of the exercises and techniques he teaches other MMA fighters like Rashad Evan and Shane Carwin.

Here are some tips and terms you should know before doing George St. Pierre’s Workout:

  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: Take BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids) about one hour before your workout and along with a sports drink or small protein shake. Immediately after works out take a mix of fast-ingested carbs, protein and BCAAs to begin recovery.
  • Tabata: A form of high intensity interval training for cardio. Go all out for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and repeat.
  • Barbell Comple: Don’t let the weight touch the ground for the following cycle. Do all of the exercises in a row with no rest in between exercises.
  • Drop Set: The immediate reduction of weight between sets with no rest. This will thoroughly burn out a muscle.


George St. Pierre 4 Day Workout Program

Click on the link to download the printable workout log.

Looking to get ripped like GSP? Try his 8-week RUSHFIT workout DVD.

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  • Pretty cool to learn all about GSP’s workout plan. Very cool video!

  • George St. Pierre is hardcore. My body would die if I tried to train like him lol… But I believe he is one of the best fighters in MMA. Good post on his workouts.

  • […] over and this includes all the important muscle groups so you will get the most from your workout.Building muscle is one of the key components of the George St Pierre workout program. Many people do…only do muscles provide a support system for the skeleton holding it together which is its main […]

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