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Vince and Flavia del Monte

This sale is only good until Wednesday at Midnight!

This is a hell of a sale.

From now until Wednesday at Midnight (and he mean’s Wednesday at midnight–there’s no gimmicks here) you can get all of Vince del Monte’s muscle building programs, including No Nonsense Muscle Building, my #1 recommended workout program for hardgainers, 50% off the normal price.

Vince and his wife Flavia are celebrating their first fitness magazine cover, pictured right.

No Nonsense Muscle Building, Your Six Pack Quest, 21 Day Fast Mass Building, FULL-BODY-LICIOUS, Ripped Abs Now & a few more of Vince’s best-sellers can be picked up for 50% off
the retail price.

Whether you want to build muscle without fat or get new foolproof ways to rapid fat loss then get yourself hooked up today:

Seriously – if you’re not happy with your muscle growth or  fat loss… then you’re crazy for not taking advantage of this.

Stop wasting your time in the gym and get the secrets and routines that work. Hit me up in the contact form and I’ll try to answer any questions ASAP. The time is now to transform your body!

Half of Vince del Monte Programs

The July BSN Finish First Transformation Challenge that is!

This is a 12-week challenge and I’m excited to try to push myself to new heights!

I encourage you all to sign up and take that first step toward your transformation. The workouts on the site aren’t really geared for hardgainers, however. I recommend using Vince del Monte’s hardgainer workouts instead. You’ll see much better results.

Every week, one person from the “Finish First” BodyGroup will be selected to win a prize package valued at $150! Two Grand Prize winners receive a 10-day Caribbean escape, a photo shoot with pro photographer Kevin Horton (no relation to Tony, I think), 1 year supply of BSN supplements and a feature in a national BSN advertisement.

Taking the challenge is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Upload your before pictures of you holding a newspaper. Take three full body shots in a bathing suit or gym shorts: front, back and side.
  2. Join the BodyGroup and motivate your fellow challengers. Share meal plans, workouts and stay on target.
  3. Get your BSN Stack. I recommend the BSN Strength Stack.

Keep track of your progress by uploading pics, stats and blogs to the BodyGroup. Good luck everyone!


The rumors are true! Fitness author and fellow hardgainer Vince Del Monte, whose program helped me gain 30 lbs of muscle during my first transformation, is celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of his website and is offering a 50% off sale on all his best selling fitness programs. Vince does not discount his products so this is a huge sale (wish I would have gotten it for this cheap!)

On Saturday night Vince also become the newest WBFF Pro Fitness Model by earning his Pro Card, which allows him to compete against the best of the best in the Pro Division at the World Championships later this year! Now that’s cause for a sale.

The 50% off sale ends Sunday at midnight (not just a gimmick–it really does) and if you go to his regular sites you’ll see the normal full price, but through the button below, you can hook yourself up with the any of the following discounted workouts:

  • No Nonsense Muscle Building
  • Your Six Pack Quest
  • 21 Day Fast Mass Building
  • Top Ten Final Finishing Moves
  • The June 26 Wedding Day Workout
  • The Best Of Series…
  • Metabolic Ab Shredder
  • High Definition Training

Get 50% off every program!



Vince del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building is the best hardgainer workout routine on the internet. I am absolutely biased, but that’s because I have the results to prove it. I have gained over 30 pounds of muscle by following Vince del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program.

My Hardgainer Transformation

my hardgainer results

That’s really me! It’s hard to imagine I was that skinny!

For those of you that are serious about undertaking a transformation—about changing your body and your life—I want to share with you some important lessons I’ve learned along the way:

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Gain 12 lbs by February 7th!

Before the holidays, my friend Vince Del Monte was showing me his recent transformation pictures. He had gained 7.4 pounds of pure muscle (and 1 pound of fat loss) in just 21-days!

Along with fellow bodybuiler Lee Hayward, Vince del Monte is giving away two free muscle-building reports: “The Death of Bulking” and “The Anabolic Amplifier Effect.” Just go to their website, enter your email address and they will send the two free reports to you.

How he gained 7.4 pounds of pure muscle in 21-days

If you read all the popular muscle information on the Internet then you’ve probably been told that “building muscle is a slow process.” Vince has evidence to the contrary.

And get this: This is the same technique that will help you gain up to 12 lbs of pure muscle in just 21-days without the unnecessary and unhealthy fat gain that comes with high-calorie bulking diets.

Enjoy the free info!


48-Hour DVD Birthday Promotion

No-Nonsense Muscle-Building & Ab-Shredding 9-Disk DVD Series

For the next 48 hours my good friend and author Vince Del Monte is running a 31st Birthday Sale on his 9-Disk No Nonsense Muscle & Six Pack DVD Series. Plus, he’s giving away EVERY SINGLE fitness program
he released in 2010 as a bonus birthday gift – that’s a saving of $916 if you were to buy everything individually!

Only 48 hours! Check it out!

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