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Avoid the top 20 ways to screw up in the gymBefore I read Vince Del Monte’s, Insane Muscle Gain: Avoid the Top 20 Ways to Screw Up in the Gym, I gotta admit, I was screwing up.

This isn’t some by the numbers explanation on how to properly use equipment and be respectful towards others in the gym.

In Avoid the Top 20 Ways to Screw Up in the Gym, Vince del Monte details the 20 most common ways skinny guys screw up when trying to build muscle. This free ebook covers diet, supplements, and common mistakes regarding all too often accepted truths when training to failure, “shocking” your muscles, lifting heavy weights, the “pump”, and much more. A must read for all my fellow hardgainers!

Get more information on Vince del Monte’s proven hardgainer muscle building workout program here.

First of all, I’d like to point out that I was never a member of Planet Fitness, and for good reason. After hearing this man’s story, reading about the gym, and taking a tour of the local Planet Fitness, even the cheap price tag couldn’t help me get over the obvious irony in their “judgement-free zone” policy.

40 year old Albert Argibay was kicked out of the gym for “grunting.” Yes, grunting.

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weight lifting spottingStaying motivated is arguable the hardest part of weight lifting. Too many people want to see quick results, and when they don’t, it is not long until they go to the gym less frequently, and then stop going altogether. So how do you stay motivated? How do you maintain that drive to go to the gym?

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