Stimulant X by Athletic Xtreme is a weight training and fat loss supplement that promises:

  • 8 hours of feel-good energy
  • Xtreme fat loss
  • Appetite suppression

Clearly if you have a difficult time gaining weight than appetite suppression is not high on your list.

I decided to order the free Stimulant X sample from the Athletic Xtreme website. It’s only $1 and you won’t be put on any auto-bill or membership programs, which is a must when I try any supplement.

Unfortunately, Stimulant X failed to provide me with any type of stimulus. I’m not big into pre-workout supplements. I do have a tub of Jack3d, but I only take it on the rare occasions when I don’t have enough energy. I also never drink any type of energy drink, coffee or even soda. I’m caffeine-free.

The free Stimulant X sample comes with two pills. The label advises to take only one pill if you are sensitive to stimulants. I wouldn’t consider myself sensitive to them, and I wanted to be able to experience the full power of Stimulant X, so I took two. They advise you to take them on an empty stomach, although I had a small meal beforehand. I figured it might take longer to feel the effects.

So I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing.

I felt absolutely no stimulus the entire day, which is odd because the main ingredient in Stimulant X’s proprietary blend is caffeine. Then again, every person’s body responds differently. I can’t really comment on the appetite suppression and fat loss properties, however.

Has anyone else tried this product? What did you think? Did it give you energy for your workouts or were you disappointed like I was? If you are cutting, did it help suppress your appetite?

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