Syntha-6 protein shake

Avoid this stuff like the plague.

All out of protein powder, I decided to purchase a ready-to-drink bottle (more like a cardboard box) protein shake after I finished my shoulder workout. Unluckily for me, I reached for Syntha-6.

Taste: Awful. Just flat out disgusting. You’d think a ready-to-drink protein shake would be better than its powdered form, but you’d be wrong. This is one of the worst protein shakes I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had some bad ones.

Price: “Why?” was the question I asked myself after I handed over my credit card. $4.58 for 16.9 oz. of this garbage. I should have gone to Walmart and bought a 2 lb. tub of Body Fortress protein for $16 to tide me over until my Optimum Pro Complex Gainer arrives.

Nutrition Facts: 40g protein. 280 calories. 6g total fat. 16g carbs. 4g sugar. Pretty standard stuff.

The Final Word: Avoid Syntha-6 pre-made protein shakes at all cost. I can’t speak for the vanilla or chocolate, but I can’t imagine they’d taste much better.

Are there any ready to drink protein shakes that actually taste good and are moderately priced? Let me know if you’ve purchased any in the comments, thanks!

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One Comment to “Quick Review: Syntha-6 Protein Shake”

  • Believe this review. I’ve had the chocolate and vanilla and they too taste disgusting. I’ve had aLOT of protein drinks before and this is the worst by far. Syntha 6 powder taste great but, seriously, stay away from this stuff.

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