Nitro Core 24Before I was aware of all the money I could be saving by shopping at, I bought almost all of my protein, creatine, and other supplements at GNC. The power of the Gold Card was burning a hole in my pocket. (Ed. Note: You should never have to prepay for a card to get “deals”).

So earlier this year I walked into a GNC and bought a discounted 3 lb. tub of Nitro Core 24, and then got a second one half off. Here are the facts:

  • 24 Grams Of Premium Blended Protein Per Scoop
  • 200 calories per serving (1 scoop)
  • 10 Distinct Protein Sources Provide Sustained-Release Action For A.M./P.M. Coverage
  • 5 Grams Of Dietary Fiber To Help Keep You Full Longer
  • Lipid Blend Supplies 4 Grams Of Omega 3,6 And 9 Fatty Acids Plus MCT’s
  • Enzyme Fortified For Easier Digestion And Absorption

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I interrupt my usual hardgainer posts to bring you a special announcement: my webhost, Siteground, is offering an exclusive offer to friends of current Siteground customers, and any fellow hardgainer is a friend of mine. If you want to start up your own hardgainer website/blog, check out this deal: only $9.99 for an entire year of hosting!

Before I chose Siteground, I spent days researching different hosts that would give me the best features and most afforadable package to host my website. I have nothing but positive things to say about them so far. They have a bunch of resources and “how-to” guides for beginners. I had no idea how to run a website beforehand, but they made things like setting up a WordPress blog very easy.

They even have a new Website Wizard feature to easily create a whole website without any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash, etc. Try it out and let me know what you think.


bodyform total fitness platform

Hey, she can do that same exercise with just a resistance band!

The Bodyform Total Fitness Platform. It’s that ridiculous looking contraption to the left. It is $150. Yes, $150 for a platform and a resistance band.

Some might look at the Bodyform Total Fitness Platform and think, “Wow, I could do all those exercises with just a resistance band or dumbbells!” Others might think, “Great! Another way to waste my money!” Still others might be lured into actually buying this product, which genuinely scares me.

Look, it’s not that I’m against home gym equipment, it’s just that I’m realistic and cost-conscious.

I currently pay $25/month to workout at XSport Fitness. XSport has all the machines and free weights I could ever want. I can workout at XSport for an entire 6 months before my membership equals the cost of buying the Bodyform Total Fitness Platform.

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Squats are an essential exercise for a full body workout.

A mistake that a lot of hardgainers make is following a workout routine that is inconsistent with their body type.

Many of the programs featured in muscle magazines are less than ideal for hardgainers.

The muscle magazines show professional bodybuilder workouts with a “do this to look like me” approach. But think about it for a minute: why would you train like a bodybuilder? These guys have an easy time gaining muscle. We do not.

Many of these workout routines focus on smaller muscle groups, which makes sense because bodybuilders focus on working smaller muscle groups so that their bodies are perfectly symmetrical for competition. But since we are hardgainers, we need to work the biggest muscles possible to stimulate the most growth.

This is why you should always incorporate the Big 5 into your workout routine: the squat, deadlift, shoulder press, row, and bench press are all proven mass building exercises that together work every major muscle in you body.

Full body workouts are preferred because every muscle gets worked multiple times per week. Thus, there are more opportunities for your muscles to grow.

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Being a hardgainer, it is of the utmost importance that you supply your body with plenty oUltimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544f calories in order to gain muscle mass. There is no easier way to do that then by drinking weight gainer protein shakes specifically formulated for hardgainers to help you gain weight.

Before you buy any weight gainer, it’s important that you look at a few key nutritional facts:

Biological Value (BV)

First of all, know that BV isn’t listed under “Nutrition Facts.” The BV is a measurement of how well your body can use the protein, specifically, how fast your body gets to use the protein. For instance, a whey protein like whey isolate has a BV of 159 and is the most readily absorbed by the body. A milk protein like casein has a BV of 77 and absorbs more slowly. After a workout, you want your body to absorb the most protein, which is why whey protein shakes are so popular. However, if you want to drink a protein shake before bed and wake up more metabolic, eating a lower BV rated protein like casein will help you do that because it will be absorbed slowly.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new workout routine is overtraining.

If you do not give your muscles the proper time to recuperate, you will not be able to lift to your maximum potential your next session. Contrary to what many people think, your muscles grow during rest, not while you are working out.

It’s great to be excited to start a new workout routine (I will be posting my workout routines in a couple weeks that have helped me gain 30+ lbs). However, you need to be mindful of overtraining, especially if you have not lifted weights in over a couple months. Overtraining can lead to injuries, which can be a huge setback, both physically and mentally.

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