5 tricks for fat loss5 Sneaky Tricks to Triple Fat Loss Results” is a PDF by fitness author Joel Marion. Joel Marion is the man behind Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

I realize this is not the ideal information for hardgainers, but if you are looking to cut down on body fat after bulking, these are some very useful information—especially the tips about leptin, what role it plays in appetite and metabolism, and how a you can have your own “cheat day.”


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Jared Fogle pants

Jared ate low-fat Subway subs and did a lot of walking.

With obesity levels rising in America and other parts of the world, nobody cares that you have a hard time gaining weight. Everyone will tell you that you should be so lucky.

The media glorifies weight loss. Take one of the most popular prime-time television shows for the last few years: The Biggest Loser. We watch and think, “How could someone let themselves get so big?” Before the show, most of these people faced serious medical conditions related to their obesity, or worse yet, death. An examination confirms their worse nightmares at the beginning of each new season.

And at the end of the season, after all the grueling workouts and strict dieting, we applaud as their before and after pictures are shown. Rightly so, as they have changed their lives and perhaps inspired others to do the same. Read more »

Muscle recovery products are huge sellers for supplement producers and retailers. With promises of quick rebounds from aches, pains and soreness, products like 2:1:1 Recovery and Glutamine are popular among amateur and professional athletes. These products cost $28 and $37 respectively.

Now there is a less expensive and natural alternative.

ginger root

Raw ginger root.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Pain, ginger reduces muscle pain after exercise by 25 percent. Subjects consumed doses of ginger for eight days before lifting weights. These subjects reported a reduction in muscle pain.

This could be big news for Japanese farmers, who cultivate much of the world’s supply of ginger.

It could also be big news for supplement and vitamin producing businesses, as they try to reel in the power of this root in pill or powder form. It should be noted; however, that the subjects in the study consumed the root in its raw or heated state. As in all good tests, there was also a placebo group.

So next time you lift big, it wouldn’t hurt going out for sushi afterwards. And ask for an extra side of ginger!

ez bar

I thought I’d throw my two cents in on the age-old argument, “What is better to use for a bicep curl, an EZ bar or a straight bar?”

Most people are quick to say “EZ bar.” After all, the EZ bar was designed to put less strain on your wrists.

Bodybuilders; however, usually recommend the straight bar because the movement puts more emphasis on your biceps. With the EZ bar, your palms are angled slightly inward. While this takes stress off the wrists, it also takes a little emphasis off the biceps as well. Thus, many conclude that the straight bar works your biceps more.

Now, being a hardgainer, I don’t have very big wrists or forearms, and safety comes first. I like to use the EZ bar because my forearms are prone to muscle aches because of a past injury. If you find that you aren’t hurting too much after using the straight bar (you will naturally feel some soreness in your forearms), by all means, go with it. Personally, I don’t notice much a difference in the amont of reps I’m able to do with the EZ vs. the straight bar, so I use the EZ bar.

Shake Weight

If you really want to throw away $20, I gladly take donations! 🙂

If you ended up at my website by typing “does the Shake Weight Work,” you are one of the lucky ones. You just have easily could have clicked an “honest review” about the Shake Weight and seen all the purported “benefits” this thing has to offer. (Ed. Note: If you were not already aware, people are paid, often through affiliate marketing, to promote fitness products like the Shake Weight, either on their blog or by commenting on another).

If you haven’t heard of the Shake Weight by now, you are clearly living under a rock—a rock with high-speed internet. Here is the women’s version of the Shake Weight. Yes, there is even a men’s version. I’m not even going to touch that.

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The Complete Guide to Protein

Just when I was only about 6 months from putting together something like this, Bodybuilding.com beat me to the punch.

This easy-to-read .pdf contains all sorts of great information, such as:

  • The different forms of protein and what they do: whey, cassein, egg, milk, soy, and blended
  • How to make sense of labels
  • Which protein is best to drink at certain times of the day
  • A chart comparing popular proteins

Download The Complete Guide to Protein

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