I emailed the nice folks at Labrada hoping I could get my hands on a free sample of their newest pre-workout supplement Labrada SuperCharge! Extreme N.O.SuperCharge! Extreme N.O. They emailed me back saying that they have samples on their page for a minimal cost, but since they don’t have a sample pack of SuperCharge, they will ship me one. About a week later I received one free sample of SuperCharge and one free sample of Power Carb.

FactsBuy SuperCharge Now!

Per 320 gram tub of SuperCharge, you get:

  • 20 servings
  • < 1 g sugar
  • SuperCharge Performance blend
  • Phase 1- Energy/ Hemo-Dilation Complex
  • Phase 2- Strength & Endurance Complex
  • Phase 3- Post-Workout Recovery ComplexTaste Read more »

Fast TwitchThe lovely people at CytoSport responded to an email I sent them asking if I could try a few of their pre-workout supplements before I bought them. The next day I received an email asking which products I’d like to try. A week later I was shipped trial packets of CytoSport Fast Twitch, CytoMax, Monster Pump and Muscle Milk. Here is my review of CytoSport Fast Twitch. My reviews of CytoMax and Monster Pump will follow in the next week.

Factsbuy now

Per 2.04 lb tub of Fast Twitch, you get:

  • 40 servings
  • 200 mg caffeine/serving
  • 0 fat, cholesterol and sugar
  • 15 carbs
  • Some vitamins
  • A hell of a lot of proprietary blends

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Dymatize Super Mass GainerDymatize Super Mass Gainer is a weight gainer protein powder designed for hardgainers. Each box is 12lbs. Flavors include: Berry & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Gourmet Vanilla and Hardcore Chocolate.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer


The following information is for Gourmet Vanilla: Serving size: 2 heaping scoops (334g).

  • 16 servings
  • 1280 calories, 72 calories from fat
  • 8g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 2g trans fat
  • 50g protein
  • 252g carbohydrates
  • 39g sugar
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the most dangerous exercise

There is one exercise I have never included in my workout routine. I firmly believe that there is no reason you should perform this exercise. There are far more effective exercises that target the same muscle group without putting you at risk for serious injury. The exercise that I’m referring to is the behind the neck shoulder press, and to a slightly lesser extent, the lat pulldown behind the head.

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Jack3d Review

USPlabs Jack3d

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Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement designed to fuel your workouts with energy, focus and great muscle pumps. But does it work?

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  • May enhance intensity, strength, energy, endurance, pumps and recovery
  • No sugars
  • No calories
  • No maltodextrin, which can spike insulin levels and make your body store fat
  • No magnesium, which at high levels can give you the runs
  • No artificial dyes

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Weight gainer protein powders are perfect for hardgainers. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you’re wasting your time by drinking any type of protein shake other than a weight gainer. You already know you have a difficult time gaining weight, so why not make it easier on yourself?

Weight gainers have come a long whey (get it?) in recent years. They used to be chocked full of sugars and were basically empty calories. Not anymore. Here are some of the benefits of the top 5 best weight gainers listed below.

Benefits of weight gainers

  • Packed with healthy calories
  • Packed with high-quality whey protein
  • Complex carbohydrates to replenish glycogen and fuel your workouts
  • Contain vitamins and essential minerals
  • Contain L-Glutamine to help rebuild muscle
  • Contain BCAAs (Brainch Chain Amino Acids)
  • Low in sugar
  • Low in fat

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