Rocky Balboa drinking eggs

You don’t have to drink five eggs in the morning like Rocky to realize all the benefits that eggs offer!

There is a lot of poor information out there, so let’s clear up some common misconceptions about eggs, the yolk, cholesterol, and fat.

  1. Eggs are more nutritious without the yolk: False. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the best nutrients are found in the egg, such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Many multivitamins now advertise “with lutein” because of its benefits as an antioxidant and for the health of your eyes, arteries, and skin. The yolk also contains vitamin D.
  2. Eggs are bad because of cholesterol: False. The cholesterol in eggs has virtually no effect on the cholesterol in your blood.
  3. Eggs have a high amount of saturated fat: False. The fat in the egg yolk is mostly monounsaturated fat, the same kind found in olive oil. Of the 5.3 grams of total fat in one large egg, only 1.6 grams are saturated.

The truth is, no study has linked egg eating to greater risk of heart disease. In fact, an article from Harvard Health (a publication of Harvard Medical School), “The only large study to look at the impact of egg consumption on heart disease … found no connection between the two.”

You should, however, avoid scrambled eggs at open buffets. When the cholesterol in an egg is “scrambled” and then exposed to air and oxygen for a long time, it becomes damaged. I recommend hard boiling your eggs. You can make half a dozen hard boiled eggs at one time and then have them as snacks or part of your breakfast for the next couple days. Just don’t let them sit around for more than 5 days. You can also try poached and soft boiled eggs. If you do make scrambled eggs, just don’t let them sit out too long.

As a hardgainer you are thin and probably relatively healthy anyway, so eat, or in Rocky’s case, drink up!

Source: The Poor Misunderstood Egg

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