48-Hour DVD Birthday Promotion

No-Nonsense Muscle-Building & Ab-Shredding 9-Disk DVD Series

For the next 48 hours my good friend and author Vince Del Monte is running a 31st Birthday Sale on his 9-Disk No Nonsense Muscle & Six Pack DVD Series. Plus, he’s giving away EVERY SINGLE fitness program
he released in 2010 as a bonus birthday gift – that’s a saving of $916 if you were to buy everything individually!

Only 48 hours! Check it out!

Here’s what you’re getting until Wednesday, December 1st at midnight:

  • No Nonsense Muscle Building and Six Pack DVD Series (9-DVDs)

Retail Price of $247.00

  • No Nonsense Muscle Building (Digital Package)

Retail Price of $127.00

  • Your Six Pack Quest (Digital Package)

Retail Price of $107.00

  • Ultimate Muscle Advantage (Digital Package)

Retail Price of $97.00

  • Birthday Bash Bonuses (Digital Package)

Retail Price of $485.00

The bonus package includes his 2-hour DVD, The June 26th Wedding Day Workout, his 2-hour DVD The Best of Series, his 1-hour DVD Top 10 Final Finishing Moves, The Metabolic Ab Shredder and High Definition Training totaling another 8 hours of workout footage!

Head on over to take a look at this insane birthday sale offer!

You should note that Vince only reopens the doors to his DVD Series once a year and he’s done a limited run of 500 units. Last November he SOLD OUT in less than 2-days and in April 2009 he SOLD OUT in 3-days, so I’m pretty sure you’ll want to check this out right away.

Whether you want to pack on some serious mass, get ripped abs or sculptout a first-rate body, Vince has a workout for you. Get a jump start on 2011 by carving out the sexy and striking body you are after.

With this offer you have no excuse to get into, or back into, the best shape of your life and finally reach your goals.

Change your body and your mind now.

Talk soon,


P.S.   Vince will “arrive at your doorstep” before Christmas time so these make a
great gift as well.

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