ronnie coleman dumbbell pressAs a hardgainer, you should naturally listen to the guys who have the biggest muscles and the most ripped physiques, right? If you want to look like a bodybuilder, you should train like a bodybuilder right?


Look, we aren’t as genetically gifted as bodybuilders, so why would we train like them?

Stop reading the muscle magazines about how pro bodybuilders got to the top by using all these supplements, and stop following their workout routines. The “advice” that they spit out is not pertinent to hardgainers, and is only hurting you.

In order to maximize our gains, we need to follow a different workout routine—a hardgainer workout routine. While these guys spend hours in the gym, hardgainers need to only spend one hour in the gym. Blast your muscles and get out! Muscles grow when you are at relaxing, eating and sleeping, not when you are at the gym!

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