First of all, I’d like to point out that I was never a member of Planet Fitness, and for good reason. After hearing this man’s story, reading about the gym, and taking a tour of the local Planet Fitness, even the cheap price tag couldn’t help me get over the obvious irony in their “judgement-free zone” policy.

40 year old Albert Argibay was kicked out of the gym for “grunting.” Yes, grunting.

Even the New York Times ran a story about it!

This from one poster:

“I had thought that the irony of a company marketing a ‘judgement-free zone’ whilst passing a childishly poisonous judgement on anyone who dares to make a noise whilst lifting would be blindingly obvious. Apparently not.”

Look, I understand a lot of hardgainers out there may want to go with the most inexpensive gym when starting out, and Planet Fitness may be that gym. But I’d rather not work out in a gym that promotes mediocrity (they don’t even have bench presses or squat racks, so get used to working out on a smith machine). You shouldn’t be worrying about what other people are doing at a gym anyway. Put your iPod on, get your workout log, and lift heavy weights until failure!

Overall Rating: 1 ☆ (out of 5)

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