weight lifting spottingStaying motivated is arguable the hardest part of weight lifting. Too many people want to see quick results, and when they don’t, it is not long until they go to the gym less frequently, and then stop going altogether. So how do you stay motivated? How do you maintain that drive to go to the gym?

  • Lift weights with a friend. This is really great if you have a friend who has similar fitness goals. Not only can your friend spot you, but he or she can really push you to squeeze out those last couple repetitions.

  • Have a clear plan of what muscles you want to work during that session.Whether you are working your chest, shoulders and triceps, your biceps and back, or your legs, you need to at least have a specific plan of what muscles you want to work that day and what exercises will help you achieve that goal.
  • Use a workout log to keep track of your progress. Keeping a good workout log with allow you to see your progress. By bringing it to the gym each time, you know exactly how much weight you need to lift or how many more repetitions you need to do to outperform your last session.
  • Listen to music. Listen to music that inspires you or pumps you up. An iPod or mp3 player will keep you free from distracting noises in the gym as well.
  • Don’t look around. Don’t let yourself get caught up in a TV program, girls, or bigger guys lifting heavier weights. Look straight ahead and concentrate on the set at hand.
  • “Do you want to quit?” This is the one question that I ask myself in my head whenever I feel tired and unmotivated to squeeze out that last repetition. Try it.
  • Positive emotions. What gets you pumped up? Is it people who don’t believe you will ever reach your fitness goals? Do you dream of proving them wrong? Turn anger or other negative emotions into positive ones.

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