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I thought I’d throw my two cents in on the age-old argument, “What is better to use for a bicep curl, an EZ bar or a straight bar?”

Most people are quick to say “EZ bar.” After all, the EZ bar was designed to put less strain on your wrists.

Bodybuilders; however, usually recommend the straight bar because the movement puts more emphasis on your biceps. With the EZ bar, your palms are angled slightly inward. While this takes stress off the wrists, it also takes a little emphasis off the biceps as well. Thus, many conclude that the straight bar works your biceps more.

Now, being a hardgainer, I don’t have very big wrists or forearms, and safety comes first. I like to use the EZ bar because my forearms are prone to muscle aches because of a past injury. If you find that you aren’t hurting too much after using the straight bar (you will naturally feel some soreness in your forearms), by all means, go with it. Personally, I don’t notice much a difference in the amont of reps I’m able to do with the EZ vs. the straight bar, so I use the EZ bar.

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