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If you ended up at my website by typing “does the Shake Weight Work,” you are one of the lucky ones. You just have easily could have clicked an “honest review” about the Shake Weight and seen all the purported “benefits” this thing has to offer. (Ed. Note: If you were not already aware, people are paid, often through affiliate marketing, to promote fitness products like the Shake Weight, either on their blog or by commenting on another).

If you haven’t heard of the Shake Weight by now, you are clearly living under a rock—a rock with high-speed internet. Here is the women’s version of the Shake Weight. Yes, there is even a men’s version. I’m not even going to touch that.

The Shake Weight is the “fat busting breakthrough that trims your arms and shapes your shoulders at the same time” by using a technology called “dynamic inertia”—all of this in only 6 minutes a day.

By the way, have you ever noticed how all of these infomercial-promoted fitness and weight loss products spur you to buy them through advertising some type of “revolutionary design” or “technology”? First they show people, in black and white of course, having a horribly difficult time performing the simplest of exercises. Then they go on to give you paid reviews, show some lame bar chart demonstrating exaggerating claims how it’s so much better than a “standard” exercise, and then show you a bunch of fit people using the product (or people who supposedly lost weight just by using it).

We all want to believe there is some quick and easy way to look and feel better about ourselves. Sorry. There isn’t. It takes work. Hard, consistent, diligent work.

So why doesn’t the Shake Weight work?

1. There is no such thing as spot reducing, which are the claims being made in the videos (there are other commercials as well). For those that are unfamiliar, spot reducing is the concept that you can perform a specific exercise to get rid of fat in that area.

For example, many people do a ridiculous amount of crunches thinking that this will help them get a 6-pack. Others do an exorbitant amount of side bends to get rid of love handles, or the glute machine to tighten up that butt.Unfortunately, spot reducing does not work.

The only way to lose fat in those areas is to diet consistently. There is no “trick”, no “secret” and no special exercise. Fat will likely be the toughest to lose in the areas where you already have the most. For men, this is the lower back and waist. For women, this is the upper thighs and butt.

2. Five seconds into the video, some know-it-all claims that, “Big, heavy exercise machines are designed to create bulky muscles.”


Women, don’t believe this!  You will not get bulky muscles unless you are trying to become a female bodybuilder. Muscles are sexy, and they burn fat. So while lifting weights may cause a very minimal initial weight gain, you will develop a leaner, more toned look. Remember, every pound of muscle in our bodies burns 35 calories a day, while each pound of fat burns just 2 calories per day.

3. Muscles grow when they are introduced to a new level of stress. In other words, over time you either A) increase the repetitions/time you perform a specific exercise or B) you increase the weight you lift. For the Shake Weight, you obviously cannot increase the weight, and from what I’ve demised, it would be hard to keep this up for more than a few minutes.

Lastly, I’m sure the creators of the Shake Weight knew that this thing would get famous for its sexual innuendo, above all else. I’m willing to bet this thing has been purchased more often as a gag gift then anything else.

Just because you feel a burn, doesn’t mean you are getting a great workout. Be honest with yourself. You think all of those people who look good spend countless hours in the gym, when they could just be sitting at home using the Shake Weight for 6 minutes a day?

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