bodyform total fitness platform

Hey, she can do that same exercise with just a resistance band!

The Bodyform Total Fitness Platform. It’s that ridiculous looking contraption to the left. It is $150. Yes, $150 for a platform and a resistance band.

Some might look at the Bodyform Total Fitness Platform and think, “Wow, I could do all those exercises with just a resistance band or dumbbells!” Others might think, “Great! Another way to waste my money!” Still others might be lured into actually buying this product, which genuinely scares me.

Look, it’s not that I’m against home gym equipment, it’s just that I’m realistic and cost-conscious.

I currently pay $25/month to workout at XSport Fitness. XSport has all the machines and free weights I could ever want. I can workout at XSport for an entire 6 months before my membership equals the cost of buying the Bodyform Total Fitness Platform.

Besides, the chance of you actually using this thing enough to see results is very minimal.

Infomercials are very alluring to people when they are tired and channel surfing at night. Heck, every time Billy Mays used to yell at me to buy one of his products, even if I knew I had no use for it, I wanted it.

Every informercial selling exercise equipment makes it a point that if you want to look like these people, you have to buy this product. Of course, we all tend to forget that these men and women looked great before they started using this piece of equipment. And if they did lose weight or become more toned, I can guarantee you they went to the gym as well.

The people who buy these products are the people who say they “don’t have enough time to go to the gym.” In other words, they can’t sacrifice that hour of watching TV at night. So they end up buying a product that gets used for maybe a few weeks at best, then slowly gets cast aside.

Believe me, when you go the the gym you will get a much more complete full body workout and start to feel better about yourself. Many people claim that they are addicted to going to the gym. What they mean is that they love pushing themselves and the feeling a sense of accomplishment. You look better physically, and you feel better mentally.

However, I’ve never heard anyone say they were addicted to working out with their Total Gym or their Bodyform Total Fitness Platform.

The time is now. Start your workout routine today. Transform your body and mind. And save money doing it.



P.S. I don’t know why I signed my named on this post.

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2 Comments to “Yet another reason to buy a gym membership”

  • What a joke that thing is. I should not be surprised at what people come up with (and then get others to buy) since it’s so commonplace nowadays…but I’m constantly disgusted with what people actually buy and then never use (okay, they use it like 3 times and then put it in the closet).

  • Couldn’t agree more. Products like these are pushed because of how easy it is to supposedly gain muscle and lose fat. I think once people start to realize that it isn’t so easy—that it is a challenge, and that’s why it is rewarding—then maybe, just maybe, will people stop buying gimmicky products that they will never use.

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