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Muscle recovery products are huge sellers for supplement producers and retailers. With promises of quick rebounds from aches, pains and soreness, products like 2:1:1 Recovery and Glutamine are popular among amateur and professional athletes. These products cost $28 and $37 respectively.

Now there is a less expensive and natural alternative.

ginger root

Raw ginger root.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Pain, ginger reduces muscle pain after exercise by 25 percent. Subjects consumed doses of ginger for eight days before lifting weights. These subjects reported a reduction in muscle pain.

This could be big news for Japanese farmers, who cultivate much of the world’s supply of ginger.

It could also be big news for supplement and vitamin producing businesses, as they try to reel in the power of this root in pill or powder form. It should be noted; however, that the subjects in the study consumed the root in its raw or heated state. As in all good tests, there was also a placebo group.

So next time you lift big, it wouldn’t hurt going out for sushi afterwards. And ask for an extra side of ginger!

Metabolism is the process by which your body combines nutrients and oxygen to producesquat energy for everyday functions. Metabolism is influenced by the following factors: Age, sex, the amount of muscle on your body, weight, activity level, and current physical condition.

So what does metabolism mean to hardgainers? Here are 4 key strategies to help you increase your metabolism and burn fat.

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Rocky Balboa drinking eggs

You don’t have to drink five eggs in the morning like Rocky to realize all the benefits that eggs offer!

There is a lot of poor information out there, so let’s clear up some common misconceptions about eggs, the yolk, cholesterol, and fat.

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6 small mealsSo many thin guys are so psyched to start a workout program that they will see real results from, that they forget the most important part of building muscle—nutrition.

Too many hardgainers focus on hitting the weights as hard as they can, and because of their tunnel vision, neglect proper muscle building nutrition. All your hard work in the gym is for nought if you are not supplying your muscles with the required nutrition for muscle synthesis.

In order to build bigger muscles, you need to most likely completely change your eating habits. It is integral that you eat more often (about 6 small meals) throughout the day. This is the simplest philosophy to understand, but yet for many guys, the hardest to actually put into practice. Here are 6 nutrition strategies for building muscle for hardgainers.

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Putting on mass is 20% weight lifting and 80% diet. You can follow every hardgainer mass gaining rule to a tee, but if you are not eating enough calories and protein, you are going to see only minimal results. Here are the top 7mass gaining secrets for hardgainers:

  1. Eat more

    If you aren’t gaining weight, it’s because you are not eating enough. You need increase your caloric intake. How many more calories should you be eating? Take your body weight and multiply it by twenty—that is how many calories you need to consume each day. It may seem like a lot, especially at first when you are still building up your appetite. After a week or so, you should notice your appetite growing.

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Being a hardgainer, you know you have to eat a lot to gain weight, but what foods are the best (and healthiest) for gaining weight?

It is essential that you follow a few simple dietary principles:

  • Eat foods that are dense with calories.
  • Eat foods that are rich in protein.
  • Eat foods that have healthy fats.

Grocery List

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