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Squats are an essential exercise for a full body workout.

A mistake that a lot of hardgainers make is following a workout routine that is inconsistent with their body type.

Many of the programs featured in muscle magazines are less than ideal for hardgainers.

The muscle magazines show professional bodybuilder workouts with a “do this to look like me” approach. But think about it for a minute: why would you train like a bodybuilder? These guys have an easy time gaining muscle. We do not.

Many of these workout routines focus on smaller muscle groups, which makes sense because bodybuilders focus on working smaller muscle groups so that their bodies are perfectly symmetrical for competition. But since we are hardgainers, we need to work the biggest muscles possible to stimulate the most growth.

This is why you should always incorporate the Big 5 into your workout routine: the squat, deadlift, shoulder press, row, and bench press are all proven mass building exercises that together work every major muscle in you body.

Full body workouts are preferred because every muscle gets worked multiple times per week. Thus, there are more opportunities for your muscles to grow.

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These rules are far and away the most important principles for any hardgainer to follow when trying to put on muscle mass.

Lift heavy weights

I cannot stress this enough. When you are going to the gym you are essentially damaging your muscles. Muscles do not grow until you go home and eat and rest. Muscle fibers that are responsible for the most growth (type IIB muscle fibers) are stimulated by heavy weights. You should not be able to do many more than 4-8 repetitions before your muscles fail. By using lighter weights you are only making it more difficult on yourself.

Use free weights

Machines at the gym are becoming increasingly prominent, and as a result many people flock to them for their convenience. However, the gains from lifting free weights are greater because of their focus on multiple joints which target a range of muscle fibers, rather than isolating individual muscles.

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Metabolism is the process by which your body combines nutrients and oxygen to producesquat energy for everyday functions. Metabolism is influenced by the following factors: Age, sex, the amount of muscle on your body, weight, activity level, and current physical condition.

So what does metabolism mean to hardgainers? Here are 4 key strategies to help you increase your metabolism and burn fat.

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As a hardgainer, getting the necessary amount of calories and protein is the most difficult part of gaining weight. Honestly, I highly doubt I would have gained over 30 lbs. if I would have used protein powders with only 300 calories (often less) per serving. I use Serious Mass and I recommend it to anyone looking to gain weight. And, for a limited time at, you will receive a bottle of creatine powder FREE with your purchase.

That’s a 6 lb. tub of Serious Mass + the Micronized Creatine Powder for only $22.99! To get an idea of how good this deal really is, a 6 lb. tub of Serious Mass at GNC is $37.99. Throw in the creatine powder, and we are talking about savings of $21!

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6 small mealsSo many thin guys are so psyched to start a workout program that they will see real results from, that they forget the most important part of building muscle—nutrition.

Too many hardgainers focus on hitting the weights as hard as they can, and because of their tunnel vision, neglect proper muscle building nutrition. All your hard work in the gym is for nought if you are not supplying your muscles with the required nutrition for muscle synthesis.

In order to build bigger muscles, you need to most likely completely change your eating habits. It is integral that you eat more often (about 6 small meals) throughout the day. This is the simplest philosophy to understand, but yet for many guys, the hardest to actually put into practice. Here are 6 nutrition strategies for building muscle for hardgainers.

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Being a hardgainer, you know you have to eat a lot to gain weight, but what foods are the best (and healthiest) for gaining weight?

It is essential that you follow a few simple dietary principles:

  • Eat foods that are dense with calories.
  • Eat foods that are rich in protein.
  • Eat foods that have healthy fats.

Grocery List

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